which wall shall i use?


There are many new products being developed to satisfy the market for sustainable, cost efficient, low energy building systems. It can be a challenge to identify the system most suitable for a particular project.

Based on your schematic design, we can model a variety of potential building systems and make a comparative analysis of their performance in terms of cost, thermal rating and sustainability, depending on your particular objectives.

We have carried a out a comparative analysis of various systems, using a house we had designed for one of our clients.

The wall systems modelled were:
Timber Framed
Brick Veneer
Reverse Brick Veneer (Hebel)
Reverse Brick Veneer (Pine Cladding)

This particular analysis shows that timber clad reverse brick veneer was the best option. For a 5.3% increase in construction cost, a 10% decrease in annual energy cost resulted. The embodied energy was a bit higher than desired, but could be reduced by using recycled bricks.



  • A timber framed building system has been used as a reference model for this analysis
  • All costings have been done using Rawlinsons Construction Handbook Edition 31
  • AccuRate has been used for thermal modeling
  • eTool has been used to calculate embodied energy
Elly Joel