nightingale fremantle


Along with EHDO Architecture, Fini Sustainability is very excited to announce that we have been awarded a license to design the first Nightingale Housing project in WA. I have been appointed as the Development Manager and Project Manager for this project, in doing so I am replacing the developer.

From my experience with Fini Group, I have a very good understanding of  the development model and the building process. I am also providing cost planning and thermal modelling services to the project.

Nightingale Housing is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of leading Australian architects. It aims to create affordable housing models that are specifically designed to achieve environmental and social benefits for cities. In other words, Nightingale promotes the building of communities, not just market commodities.

The Nightingale ethos is driven by the reality that home ownership is becoming increasingly out of reach, especially in Australia’s major cities. The rise of apartments in suburbs has not made housing more affordable, nor has it contributed to suburban quality of life, in terms of good housing and neighbourhood design, access to services, and community building.

Nightingale developments aim to increase affordability by selling housing directly to homebuyers without many of the ‘add on’ costs associated with typical developments, such as agent fees, marketing and display suites. The requirements of the owner-occupier and the community are emphasised over investor profit.


Nightingale projects work with forward thinking social impact investors who are looking to invest in ventures that both deliver a sustainable profit as well as strong social outcomes. We understand the differing requirements of owner-occupiers compared to investors and encourage design decisions that reflect this priority. By working with innovative and forward thinking social impact investors and financiers who are happy to accept a capped profit in return for the social outcomes.

Purchasers are closely involved early in the design process within the context of Nightingale’s core values of social, environmental and long-term financial sustainability. This approach empowers purchasers with a sense of ownership in the outcome. 

The EHDO Nightingale project has obtained an excellent site in Fremantle at 29 Wood Street in the award winning Knutsford precinct, ideally located 10 minutes walk away from Fremantle. The project is now open to ethical investors as we look to build the equity required to obtain building finance for the project. 

Please visit the Nightingale website for more information and to register your interest in buying or investing into this unique project.